Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)


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"Future database releases beyond Oracle Database 12c Release 1 will not be certified with OWB 11.2.3"





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Time is flying by... 2014 is now well engaged.

If your company is using Oracle Warehouse Builder, time comes you will have to make decisions. Right?!

At Oracle, the 12c lifecycle is now engaged!

A migration would have to be contemplated and many factors will have to be taken into account.

One of them is the access to experienced resources (see below) when needed.

And bad chance could be that everybody wants to move at the same time.

Database and Technology (D&T) is an Oracle Gold Partner.

Years ago, D&T started developing a migration solution of their own ending up today with the ability to migrate from several OWB release levels to different ODI release levels since with the years, several versions of the OWB2ODIConverter were developed to keep pace with the Oracle releases.

This migration/conversion process was implemented several times enabling D&T consultants to gain experience on the subjects.